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Guided Meditation for Enhancing Inner Harmony

Instructions: Before listening, empty your bladder, put on loose comfortable clothing, and settle into a dark, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. For greatest impact, listen with headphones.

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– Guided meditation script and audio by Bailey Gaddis.

– Background music is A Pure Embrace by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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Settling Into Your Favorite Spot in Nature: Relaxation Recording

vNE8214NS9GOvXOy7DCu_DSC_0266Happy Holiday weekend y’all!

Because a few extra days off can easily slip into drowning yourself in making up laundry washing, email responding, baseboard washing (just me?) and many other uber fun activities, it may be a good idea to allow yourself to chill for a few moments. If you need some extra support, here is a recording to help you settle into your favorite spot in nature (even if you’re unable to physically go there.)

*Just type 0 into the price box to get it for free.

Sending you love!




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How to Teach Your Child Self Hypnosis

IMG_5189When I’m daydreaming, I dream of sleep. It’s that sweet elixir that evades most homes with children between the ages of 0 to around 7. Beyond sleep, parents struggle to offer their children tools for stressful situations at school and other anxiety-producing activities.

The first seven years of life is when the foundation of the subconscious mind is laid. This is the mental landscape where all of our inbuilt beliefs, behaviors, and feelings live.

What if we gave our children one simple tool to help them navigate all the newness and challenges of these early years of life? A tool that would lay a solid and positive foundation in their subconscious mind. A tool they could take with them into adulthood, helping them blossom into a well-adjusted, calm, compassionate, and thriving adult.

That tool is self-hypnosis.

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