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5 Ways to Enjoy Sending Custom Cards or Invites

Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored by Basic Invite, a company offering high quality stationery and custom invites and announcements for weddings, births, graduations, and all of life’s other special moments. I don’t post many of these because I only accept sponsored post opportunities from companies offering services or products I already use, and have an ideology I can get behind. 
My grandmother recently told me that if I can learn to weave spirituality into mundane tasks my life would grow flowers where there once was boring mud. Strangely, this made me think of the act of sending out thank you cards and “real” (versus digital) invites.
My son’s birthday is coming up, and I know that every aunt, granny, and traditional friend that gives a gift will expect a handwritten thank you note in response. My usual response would be, “ugh, do I have to?” But, what if I tried to weave spirituality into this task? What would that look like?
Here are some thoughts on how I’m going to make this task more enjoyable:
1. Find joy in seeking out a beautiful card: I recently discovered that I love navigating card designs on sites like Basic Invite until I land on The One. And then, I easily while away an hour tinkering with colors and fonts until everything is just right. 
When I begin to feel like I should be doing something “more important” I remind myself that I’m crafting something that will serve as a reminder to the recipient that I’m thinking of them, or want to share an exciting piece of my life with them. Speaking of which… my husband and I are thinking of creating baby number two, so I decided to begin manifesting that baby by ordering a sample of a baby shower invite from Basic Invite with her (I’m assuming it will be a girl) future name and potential birth date. Weird? Kind of – but it’s a fun and tangible reminder of the future.
And I don’t know why I left the time as 8:30 PM – I will not be awake at that time when pregnant. #GrannySleepSchedule 


2. Have fun with written messages: As easy as it is to scribble a generic message in cards that require a custom message, I feel the meaning and joy being sucked out of the card with every “Thanks for the birthday gift! My child loves it!” – blah.
I don’t need to wax poetic about the toy I’m sending a thank you for, but it can be fun to think of a quick anecdote or witty comment to share about the gift and how it’s being enjoyed. 
Basic Invite Stationary
3. Connect to how appreciated the recipient might feel when they receive the card: Although I don’t hold it against someone for not sending a thank you card (because I’m usually that person!) I always enjoy receiving a real-live-non-email message in the mail.
The card makes me think of the person who sent it, and evokes that warm and fuzzy feeling of connection. So, as I’m crafting a card I think about how the card will make someone feel, and use that idea to help me relish the process.
This little nugget is now a giant 4-year-old, but it was fun to go back in time and create this sample announcement.
4. Don’t burn out: I know folks who send a card to everyone down to their postman (or woman!) for every holiday, anniversary, or lost tooth (seriously) and then report a sense of resentment over this tedious obligation they’ve laid upon themselves. 
Instead of sending cards for everything, I’m going to hold out for the special occasions when I feel inspired to connect with loved ones via an aesthetically pleasing card and a personal note (in the case of a thank you or congratulations).
5. Have my son participate in the thank you card process: The first time my son cared more about the present portion of a package, than the cardboard or paper exterior it was wrapped in, he quickly ripped into one after the other with little regard for who gave it to him, or how special that gesture was. So, I’m now going to be one of those super fun moms who has my child pick out and write thank you cards with me so he can tune into the importance of acknowledging the love behind gift giving and receiving. You’re welcome son. 
If you want a feast of gorgeous card options, like chic baby shower invitations and birth announcements, check out Basic Invite. And, if you’re like me and need to see something from every angle before making a decision, you can order samples. 
Happy selecting, customizing, and sending!
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Want a Free Book?

Hi friends!

So, something super exciting happened this week… my book baby was listed as the #1 New Release in the Pregnancy and Childbirth category on Amazon! (Insert spastic happy dance here!)

To keep this momentum goin’ I would love to get some reviews for the book. If you would be willing to write a quick Amazon review (if you like the book!) I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy. Just email your name and mailing address to

Thanks for being you!


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Interview on Moments with Marianne Tomorrow!

Hi friends! Tune in to my interview with Marianne Pestana on her radio show tomorrow – info is below 🙂

Click here to listen LIVE on Friday, June 9th & Thursday, June 15th at 5am & 5pm EST!

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7 People You MUST Avoid When Pregnant

Some people can really suck when you’re having a baby.

With the great strength birthed when you become pregnant, comes a great vulnerability. This vulnerability is a gift in many ways, expanding your ability to feel love so profoundly it shakes your core, making it a joy versus a struggle to make sacrifices in the name of another person, and developing a heightened sensitivity for the world and people around you (and bigger boobs and fuller hair).

This vulnerability also makes you, well… more vulnerable. The words, actions, and emotions of others will have a deeper impact on how you interact with yourself and surroundings, and how you navigate your pregnancy and birth.

To ensure your journey into motherhood is filled with people who honor and nurture your vulnerability, instead of taking advantage of it, here are 7 people to avoid when pregnant.

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Be the Master Guru of Your Emotions by Managing Them With Color

There are a ton of tools the savvy parent can use to combat tantrum-induced doom. Deep breathing helps. Calling in backup helps. Exercising helps. I use all of these, but I’m always looking for more ways to stay balanced.

That’s why I reached out to Bailey Gaddis, author of the new book Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood. Bailey is a childbirth prep educator and birth doula with experience as a home organizer in Los Angeles. She uses an emphasis on feng shui and has worked a great deal with the emotions and energy that various colors produce.

She has been kind enough to provide the color guide and an excerpt from her book to help me (and every other parent) use the color we bring into our environments as a source of positive energy.

If nothing else, arming yourself with this info is a great reminder of the mood you want to be in, and as a result you will likely get there faster.


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How To Dissolve Your Fears Through Acceptance [Step-by-Step Exercises + Action Steps To Overcome Your Fears During Pregnancy]

Fear can be a catalyst for growth only when it is acknowledged and accepted, then shown the door.

When it becomes a festering guest it begins swallowing up your reserves of health, happiness, and sanity, sticking you in a “what-if” paralysis. The oftentimes-falseillusions that give birth to fear (e.g., a misconception that your body doesn’t know how to build and birth a baby) are frequently left unchecked in the vulnerable heart, mind, and body of the pregnant mama.

You may believe the fears are there to protect you, maybe to “prepare you for the worst.”

But instead of helping you prepare for an unlikely and unwanted outcome, the stress produced by these fears often creates the unwanted outcomes, like pregnancy complications, medical interventions, or postpartum depression.

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SupaPass Channel Welcome Video

Hi mamas!

My friends in the UK have created a supa (!) fun app and website calledSupaPass where you can stream content from your favorite recording artists, tv personalities, and friendly neighborhood birth professionals 😀

All of my videos and relaxation recordings can be streamed there, and I will be adding exclusive content to the channel such as book excerpts and blog posts.

The site is available to all, not just the Brits. And, it’s less than $3 a month to subscribe. Check it out!

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Mother & Baby Bonding: An excerpt from Feng Shui Mommy

There has never been and never again will be a child just like yours. Even though babies are born every day, the birth of your baby is sacred, unique, and extraordinary.

Connecting to this unique heart energy of your baby will be a profound experience for you, allowing your internal trapdoor of love to release. Physical nourishment aside, physically and emotionally bonding with your baby is the surest way to build a secure base that will provide your child confidence, support, love, and abundant health for the rest of her life. Developing a harmonic connection with your baby is what it’s all about.

Your relationship with your rapidly growing and changing baby is fluid and dynamic, and that you have the chance to grow and learn to be a better communicator, better partner, and better parent as you incorporate this new relationship into your family constellation. This chapter will also support you in finding that place that is so deep in yourself there are no words — only love. You have a limited number of vowels and consonants but an unlimited supply of love that will support you in forging an everlasting connection with your child.

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