“Bailey’s gloriously grounded approach and her normalizing of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood elevate the experience to its rightful place as a spiritual milestone and the transformational opportunity of every woman’s lifetime, to step into her truest, richest, and most resplendent, liberated self: balanced, confident, powerful, harmonious, and whole — the Feng Shui Mommy! This delightful, inspiring book had my ovaries popping, my oxytocin pumping, and my heart champing at the bit to embark on the awesome, miraculous magic-carpet ride of mommyhood all over again!”

Jessica Cauffiel, actor, writer, producer, shaman

“This book is very well written and easy to read, with excellent ideas to make your birth experience the best it can be. This guide is a tool that may help you find balance and comfort in your life overall, not only in childbirth.”

Kristi Schoeld, MD

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