Here’s my official photo and bio (the unofficial ones, aka fun bio and photo, are below!)

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Bailey Gaddis is a mother, author of Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood, childbirth preparation educator, birth doula, hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering practitioner, and contributor to Working Mother, Pregnancy and Newborn, Disney’s Babble, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Expectful, Elephant Journal, Scary Mommy, and other publications that are into her style of weaving words. She continuously finds inspiration for her writing via the stream of consciousness flowing out of her son’s mouth, and the insane shenanigans she witnesses during births (and at the park before nap time).

Her work as a birth professional, and past egg donor and surrogacy coordinator, allows her to support, and be inspired by, rockstar pregnant women and their gorgeous offspring every day. She’s fairly certain “new baby smell” is the most enticing aroma on Earth.

Bailey lives every day in complete awe of the creation, birth, and nurturing of new life, and considers the mother-baby bond the pinnacle of magic, which is why she’s thinking about beginning to think about Baby Number Two.

For a list of Bailey’s online courses, visit BaileyGaddis.com


Fun Bio!

Yes, I’m holding a disgusting smoothie cup.

My motherland is Austin, Texas. Howdy ya’ll! Hippie and hick mixed into one. My mother’s maiden name is ‘Hicks’, so I truly am a legit Hick. My father built a mini town of Yurts and had a mini fro, so I’m a legit hippie as well- maybe. My family’s nomad compulsion pulled them to Los Angeles, California when I was an adolescent; we had a few close calls, but survived the teen years, somewhat unscathed.

Before I met my beau, and was sucked into the ‘all things mommyhood’ vortex I love so much, my own wanderlust urges pulled me to an island named Roatan. Located off the coast of the Honduras, Roatan was a blip in the Caribbean. It’s safe to label it paradise if your definition includes fleets of invisible itchy bugs. To escape the itchies, I dove deep into the flourescent fishy abyss; it was glorious. I spent three years living a life on this blip. But, my love of motherhood that I spoke of was pulling me back to my own mother. Island life is island life, but it’s no substitute for family. I had a rad dad, majestic mama, and bodacious brudda I needed to get back to (sometimes adverbs are fun.) I packed up my two too heavy suitcases and flew back to my new motherland, Ojai, California, the land of good energy and more hippies.

I was drawn to Ojai by more than my family; unbeknownst to me, my eggs, and we’ll throw in my heart for good measure, were drawing me back to the man I would fall  in love with, and create baby with. And now here we are.

Here are a few more bits of tid for you.

-I run a lot, and very slowly. I could maybe call my gait a ‘speed walk.’

-I can’t stand losing at Pictionary.

-I believe in past lives. I think I’ve had some wild ones. I’m not trying to make anyone else drink my Kiwi Kool-Aid; it’s just my personal truth.

-If I could eat eggs, avocado, and Chili Garlic sauce for every meal I would. Yes, garlic is stinky, but I’m in a committed relationship so who cares.

-I’m that mom who watches my baby sleep.

-I loved being pregnant for many reasons, but mainly because I could eat a lot and not worry about looking bloated. ‘I think the baby grew a few pounds after that burrito! Cool!’

-I live by the ‘If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down’ credo. Save the water people!

-I’m an eternal optimist who loves good-natured sarcasm.

That’s just the beginning. Other idiosyncrasies will come out by way of this blog, whether I like it or not.

Nice to meet you!





7 thoughts on “About”

    1. Many thanks for you kind words 🙂 Yes, Ojai is East of Ventura- and the hiking is life changing (and the poison oak awful!) I look forward to reading your pregnancy piece- thanks for sending it over!

  1. Hey Bailey, I tried to thank you with the amazon link but no luck, so here I am! Thank you for the gift of Feng Shui mommy. I look forward to reading it. If the style (and you) are like your bio I am going to love it, and you!
    Warm Regards,
    Santa Barbara Birth Matters

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