Put the Phone Down! (Said my brain to my hand.)

Baby see, baby do.

I’m an unintentional digi-addict who preaches what I do not practice.

“Only one hour of screen time,” I righteously recite to my son, as I scroll through my email looking for something new and exciting.

I sometimes get so absorbed in this vortex it takes my eyes a few moments to adjust to reality when I eventually break away from the scrolling staring-contest.

I’ve been nursing my son, while tapping though feed updates on some site or another, to look down to see his sweet little eyes staring up at me.

“Holy bad-mothering! I’m staring at a screen while tiny windows into a beautiful Universe are looking up at me.” (Insert extreme mother-guilt here.)

I need to slow my roll (or scroll.)

A compulsion to find the next exciting revelation on our social media feed, email, or beyond has become rampant in our society. And I’m not on a soap box, because I’m one of the worst perps.

But the buck (screen) stops here.

I’m claiming my compulsion and attempting to do something about it.

I found my mom’s old-school stop watch (because using the timer on my iPhone is part of the machine I’m trying to avoid) and will start setting a daily timer for one hour, starting today, only allowing myself to tap-scroll-stare on my laptop until the timer beep-bop-boops. (I’m adding the caveat that my writing is not included in this one hour.)

I’m also going to delete the social media apps on my phone. (Gasp!) I’ll let you know if I end up reloading them in my sleep. Compulsions (addictions) are hard to break.

I have a visceral need to fully immerse myself in my 3D reality. I suppose “fully” isn’t the appropriate words because I will still be dipping my toes in the digital waters daily, but at least I won’t be drowning in them.

Here goes something!

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25 Things I Tell My Toddler That I Should Be Telling Myself

I made it to OZ! (At least digitally.)

Originally published on Babble


I’m quick with the requests (demands) for my toddler, but not so quick to follow my own seemingly wise words. What if those words were translated by my “good angel” into advice that helped me curb a few of my less-than-stellar habits?

I’m giving that good angel (who is more likely an opinionated fairy) a moment to shine and respond to all the chitchat I’m consistently doling out to my son.


1. Only one cup of juice.
Only one cup of wine.

2. Sugar and fried foods will make you tired.
Sugar and fried foods will make you tired, cranky, puffy, lazy, and hungry.

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10 Ways to Stop Birth Shaming

IMG_1349“If you don’t let us give you Pitocin, your baby could die.”

Her doctor said it with complete finality, but there was no medical evidence to back up his claim, as the midwife in the room attested to.

The doctor was on his fifth delivery of the day and was overheard telling a nurse he was ready to go home — and was playing golf later that day.

I’m a doula, and my client who shared this story with me, ended up having a C-section she feels she was pressured into.

Shame, which has sidled its way into the ingredients of our culture, commonly mixes into childbirth. Women are constantly being pushed to accept unnecessary interventions they’re not comfortable with, just to suit the needs of those that have a hand (often literally) in their birth experience.

There are of course beautiful exceptions to this rule in the form of doctors and midwives who put their clients’ needs first and only suggest intervention if it is medically needed or requested by the birthing woman. In fact, that needs to be the rule.

Read more on Babble

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Daily Dose of Words

Mud? Or so much more?

Hey Feng Shui Mommy family!

I’ve settled on a New Year’s resolution a little late in the game- I’m going (to try) to infuse a little piece of writing for this blog, and this blog only, every day. (Yes, I know “there is no try, only do.”) But I’m a mom, so I’ll (try) do my best.

I’ve been posting excerpts from pieces I’ve written for places other than here, which is fun, but I’m feeling a need for some “Feng Shui Mommy exclusive” material. And I get to play with words and punctuation without anyone editing me 🙂 And I can write fun faces!

Each post will have a theme I’m knowledgable about, or at least claim to be knowledgable about- mommying, being hitched to a half Aussie surfer bloke, mind play (hypnosis), writing, me trying unsuccessfully at mommying, birthing, hippie dippy spiritual goodies, pregnancy, pop culture?, random thoughts, and weird stuff my kid says. I’m also open to suggestions. And I’ll keep it short and saucy, maybe sassy.

Threaded through all of it (because a good blog needs a solid theme right?) will be mindfulness and kind humor.

Thank YOU for reading this, and because I would like our cozy little family to grow (so we can all get more presents during the holidays) I would be much obliged if you recommended this blog to other humans (or animals) you think would enjoy and/or benefit- hopefully both.

Sending you a big juicy cosmic kiss!

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