Daily Dose of Words

Mud? Or so much more?

Hey Feng Shui Mommy family!

I’ve settled on a New Year’s resolution a little late in the game- I’m going (to try) to infuse a little piece of writing for this blog, and this blog only, every day. (Yes, I know “there is no try, only do.”) But I’m a mom, so I’ll (try) do my best.

I’ve been posting excerpts from pieces I’ve written for places other than here, which is fun, but I’m feeling a need for some “Feng Shui Mommy exclusive” material. And I get to play with words and punctuation without anyone editing me 🙂 And I can write fun faces!

Each post will have a theme I’m knowledgable about, or at least claim to be knowledgable about- mommying, being hitched to a half Aussie surfer bloke, mind play (hypnosis), writing, me trying unsuccessfully at mommying, birthing, hippie dippy spiritual goodies, pregnancy, pop culture?, random thoughts, and weird stuff my kid says. I’m also open to suggestions. And I’ll keep it short and saucy, maybe sassy.

Threaded through all of it (because a good blog needs a solid theme right?) will be mindfulness and kind humor.

Thank YOU for reading this, and because I would like our cozy little family to grow (so we can all get more presents during the holidays) I would be much obliged if you recommended this blog to other humans (or animals) you think would enjoy and/or benefit- hopefully both.

Sending you a big juicy cosmic kiss!

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Writing Is My Soul Candy.

photo-1429032021766-c6a53949594fThe period at the end of the first sentence is a sweet drop of honey water on my creative spirit.

The warm liquid pours down my being, as the letters tick out of my fingers, being woven into words.

The words synchronize—releasing my fluidity—freeing my mind.

When the mental stagnation melts away, my spirit animal opens her sleepy foxy eyes and flicks her tail in sync with my rhythm.

She begins to dance, feeling her skin tingle as the beat picks up.

A call goes out to her soul group to join her in flowing into the throbbing inspiration.

She moves with different companions—asking them secret questions, devouring bites of their wisdom.

Slinking from one dancing partner to the next, she travels further down the trail.

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