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How to Have an Orgasmic Birth

Tips + tricks for having this coveted type of euphoric birth. It’s possible ladies!

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I’m a Doula and Let Me Tell You: Orgasms During Childbirth Are a Real Thing

IMG_7891The terms “orgasm” and “childbirth” sound like antonyms to most people. But, women have an orgasm when they conceive a baby (hopefully!), so maybe it’s not outside the realm of reason that they could have an orgasm while birthing the baby.

According to The Independenta survey by the Positive Birth Movement and Channel Mum has reported that 6 percent of women say they have had an orgasm during childbirth. My initial reaction when I first heard about women who reported orgasms during birth was that they were lying braggarts — mainly because I was jealous I had never experienced this phenomenon.

But since I’ve become a birth doula, my “lying braggart” theory has been crushed; I’ve witnessed many women experience multiple orgasms during birth. I’ve heard them describe these births as “ecstatic overflows,” “spiritual awakenings,” “waves of bliss,” and “the longest, strongest, orgasm ever!” 

I wonder if these will be the ladies that end up having six children?

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11 Steps for a Blissful Birth, According to a Doula

Body_final copyPeople have laughed at me when I mention the word childbirth and bliss in the same sentence.

I’ve also seen multiple women have orgasmic births. Blissful, right?

The belief that childbirth is “painful, scary, and dangerous” is deeply embedded in our society. This ghost story originated in the days (a long time ago) when women in need of assistance during childbirth were denied needed care because they were seen as the “undeserving ill.” This is no longer our reality, yet the fear attached to it has persisted.

There is another way, a more gentle, comfortable, and joyful way.

As a mother, I used the steps below to have a challenging, yet (blissfully!) comfortable natural hospital birth. I’ve also seen many of my hypnobirthing and doula clients use the following techniques to have blissful medicated hospital births, home births, and everything in between.

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