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8 Truths About Having a HypnoBirth

IMG_1238It’s basically like creating your own personal fantasyland.

The idea of pushing a human out of the vagina is incomprehensible, even if you’ve already done it. The foreign woods between pregnancy and the postpartum experience, childbirth, are a fantasy land where the body, mind, and spirit are pushed past their limits to a space where they’re floating in timeless (sometimes painless) amnesia.

If you’re having a natural birth, without the aid of a childbirth preparation method, you must move through the bowels of pain before you reach the fantasy land.

If you’re having an assisted birth, sans childbirth preparation tools, you must wait for the needle to be injected before you flow into the fantasy land.

If you’re having a hypnobirth, you create your own fantasyland and get yourself there as soon as possible.

hypnobirth consists of mixing the ins and outs (emphasis on “out”) of traditional childbirth preparation, like conscious breathing, uterus and perineum education, and how to not pulverize the birthing partner emotionally or physically, with the real gems like affirmations, visualization, and the crown jewel: self-hypnosis.

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