Movie Review- Sisters


I’ve had a mega girl crush on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler since, um, forever. So, I swooned when I saw the trailer for Sisters.

“Tina and Amy?! Amy and Tina?! Together again?! AND sisters?! Too much. Too perfect.”

While I would have preferred this to just be a real-life film depicting them sitting in a room talking about their journey together (a documentary?) this film actually had a plot.

Tina and Amy (Kate and Maura) find out their parent’s home is being put on the market and they are summoned to their childhood home in Florida to clean out their old rooms. While there, they decide to throw one final epic bash to commemorate the fun they had in the house. Throughout the process chaos ensues (they say that in movie summaries a lot right?) and both do a deep (maybe just deep-ish) dive into their selves, learning all the fun movie-epiphanies that come with that.

Mood: Light, fun, silly and shocking. Tina and Amy stay true to their style of comedy by throwing unexpected zingers that take it to the edge, then push the audience over it. If you’re a fan of the SNL “I have no freakin’ idea what to expect” vibe, you’ll be into this. There will be tears- but not the nostalgic brand.

Food: Classic movie food y’all. Butter and sodium up your popcorn, buy the big bags of candy in the candy aisle at the grocery store (not the one-offs you buy at check-out), and for good measure cook up a stuffed crusted pizza (with Ranch dipping sauce?! Kate and Maura would do it.)

Drink: A big jug of water because you need to stay hydrated after all that salt and sugar, OK? And maybe grab a six-er (or twelve-er?) of the beer you drank in high school.

Company: Your girl frands! (Or boy frands.) Pretty much anyone with a good sense of humor that will laugh even if they don’t fully get the joke. No negative Nellies, or Nelsons, or Neds, or… You know who I’m talking about.

P.S. I thought my dad was a negative Ned, but I watched this movie with him anyways and he laughed! A lot! Mind (and preconceived notions about my father) blown.

Thanks ladies.

Yays!: The queens of comedy playing sisters in a comedic film sprinkled with some SNL favorites? Gold. There’s also a pool incident, lots of color, overzealous soap, and John Cena as a thorough drug dealer.

Nays: Some of the jokes were lost on me, but I would still laugh- usually louder than I would laugh at the jokes that fully sank in. Oh, and I peed a little during one of the jokes. What? I’ve gone through childbirth. TMI?

You can rent this gem on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play and likely plenty of other movie slangin’ e-joints.