Movie Review- Sisters


I’ve had a mega girl crush on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler since, um, forever. So, I swooned when I saw the trailer for Sisters.

“Tina and Amy?! Amy and Tina?! Together again?! AND sisters?! Too much. Too perfect.”

While I would have preferred this to just be a real-life film depicting them sitting in a room talking about their journey together (a documentary?) this film actually had a plot.

Tina and Amy (Kate and Maura) find out their parent’s home is being put on the market and they are summoned to their childhood home in Florida to clean out their old rooms. While there, they decide to throw one final epic bash to commemorate the fun they had in the house. Throughout the process chaos ensues (they say that in movie summaries a lot right?) and both do a deep (maybe just deep-ish) dive into their selves, learning all the fun movie-epiphanies that come with that.

Mood: Light, fun, silly and shocking. Tina and Amy stay true to their style of comedy by throwing unexpected zingers that take it to the edge, then push the audience over it. If you’re a fan of the SNL “I have no freakin’ idea what to expect” vibe, you’ll be into this. There will be tears- but not the nostalgic brand.

Food: Classic movie food y’all. Butter and sodium up your popcorn, buy the big bags of candy in the candy aisle at the grocery store (not the one-offs you buy at check-out), and for good measure cook up a stuffed crusted pizza (with Ranch dipping sauce?! Kate and Maura would do it.)

Drink: A big jug of water because you need to stay hydrated after all that salt and sugar, OK? And maybe grab a six-er (or twelve-er?) of the beer you drank in high school.

Company: Your girl frands! (Or boy frands.) Pretty much anyone with a good sense of humor that will laugh even if they don’t fully get the joke. No negative Nellies, or Nelsons, or Neds, or… You know who I’m talking about.

P.S. I thought my dad was a negative Ned, but I watched this movie with him anyways and he laughed! A lot! Mind (and preconceived notions about my father) blown.

Thanks ladies.

Yays!: The queens of comedy playing sisters in a comedic film sprinkled with some SNL favorites? Gold. There’s also a pool incident, lots of color, overzealous soap, and John Cena as a thorough drug dealer.

Nays: Some of the jokes were lost on me, but I would still laugh- usually louder than I would laugh at the jokes that fully sank in. Oh, and I peed a little during one of the jokes. What? I’ve gone through childbirth. TMI?

You can rent this gem on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play and likely plenty of other movie slangin’ e-joints.


Movie Review: Song of the Sea

IMG_1919_1_1It’s Sunday! Perfect day to do nothing but watch movies and take naps.

Summary: This film should have won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature it was nominated for. It is simply the best. It is magic. It’s impossible for me to label this film as an “adult” or “children” movie because it expertly blends components that appeal to all ages- at least all ages that enjoy beauty, humor and unexpected emotional exploration.

The film follows the journey of Ben, an Irish boy who discovers his mute younger sister Saoirse is a selkie (half human half seal) who must discover her voice and song to free (cheeky) supernatural creatures from a spell placed on them by a Celtic goddess. The movie is layered with mystical Celtic folklore and song.

Mood: Crying. This poignant and whimsical movie will put you in the mood to cry- but you’ll be smiling while you cry. As the movie sucks you in it begins to feel like a spiritual experience (or maybe a psychedelic one.)

Food: Irish fare. Cook up some Sheppard’s pie, beef stew, potato pancakes, or bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and hunker down in your coziest couch.

Drink: Guinness or an Irish coffee for the over twenty-one crowd, and some bubby apple cider would be a fitting liquid treat for this film.

Company: Your kiddos and loved ones! Just make sure everyone you invite into your film-viewing nest are peeps you feel comfortable crying in front of. The heart-string-pulling devices woven into the film will make you feel deep love and appreciation for those around you- don’t be shy to dole out hearty amounts of hugs and kisses throughout the film (and tissue, dole out lots of tissue.)

Yays!: This is one of the most visually appealing movies I’ve ever seen. Each frame of animation is a work of art that could easily be framed and hung on the wall. The detail is exquisite, and each time you view the film (and you will want to watch it more than once) you’ll discover more details and hidden layers of meaning. This movie will change you for the better.

Nays: The tissue bill- so many tissues. This is not a film that is delicate with your emotions- it makes you feel so deeply. If you’re not in the mood for riding an intense (but spiritually cleansing) emotional tilt-a-whirl, don’t watch this film. But really, you should watch it.

Stream it on Amazon!


Movie Review: The Revenant

Hey Party People! (Or, Netflix and Chill people?)

I love movies. If it was socially acceptable to lay on the couch all day and watch movies, I would. My son wishes I would give in to this proclivity more. He inherited my movie mania.

Once a week, I’m going to do a straight shootin’ movie review that quickly let’s you know whether this movie is for you or not. I’ll lay out the summary, mood of the film (or the mood it will put you in,) food pairing ideas, drink ideas, the ideal company for the cinematic journey, and the general pros and cons.

The film choices will be a mix of adult movies (not the dirty ones), kid films, old films, and new films. Gone With The Wind, Titanic, and Lonesome Dove may eventually make it on the list because I want an excuse to make my husband watch them with me- thanks!

Here goes.

First stop, The Revenant.

Starring my first love Leo, this film is big on visual splendor and realistic gore, is packed with underlying social commentary, and only speaks when it has something really important to say.

Summary: The movie follows frontiersman Hugh Glass in 1823 as he explores the United States with a hunting team who leave him for dead after he suffers a brutal bear attack. He pulls himself from the dead to track one particular individual who deeply betrayed him. The movie also shines light on the injustices Indigenous peoples and communities have suffered.

Mood: If you’re in the mood for a heart-wrenching, brutal, awe-inspiring, graphic, and moving experience, this is the film for you. This movie will make you feel- bring some tissue.

Food: This is a meat and potatoes type of movie. Grab your hamburger (or veggie burger!), potatoes wedges, and a kale salad for good measure and enjoy the dark ride.

Drink: If you want to do as the frontiersman would do, throw back some beer or whiskey. And have a side of ginger ale in case some of the scenes make you queasy.

Company: This is no “chick flick.” Grab your partner, or your buddy who enjoys deep, dark, and gritty films to hold your hand through this experience.

Yays!: I want to bow down to the cinematographer of this film- it is GORGEOUS. They even make the blood and horse innards look beautiful. And Leo is of course beautiful, even beaten and battered.

Nays: There will be moments you’ll be inclined to close your eyes. They don’t hide the blood and violence that was laced through the collisions of Indigenous peoples and the new settlers. This violence serves a powerful purpose in that it fully immerses you in the danger of the wild these men were traversing, but can be difficult to stomach.