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Finally! More Female Superheroes

My superhero obsessed son is exposed almost exclusively to male superheroes – especially when it comes to superheroes who are in kid-approved cartoons. All dudes, all the time.
I knew we needed another option when he came out with, “sorry mom, only guys are super” when I tried to join in on one of his superheroes games. Um, so not true kid.
So, I was pleased to discover a new American-Canadian female superhero show on Nickelodeon: Mysticons.
The show has been described as “Manhattan meets middle Earth” and showcases the inherent strength and confidence in girls by following four diverse young ladies who (like most heroes) are committed to saving a magical realm from evil. And, they fight said evil while wearing flashy form fitting duds that will make for fun Halloween costume options for little girls tired of only having a Wonder Woman option.
I feel like I missed out as a little girl who grew up in an era when the pink Power Ranger was the only butt kicking female heroe to idolize. So, you might find me slipping back to my childhood ways by grabbing a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and plopping on the couch for some Mysticons after my Flash and Spiderman loving boys go to sleep.
This show is likely most appropriate for children 7 and older.
You can catch Mysticons on Nickelodeaon on Sundays at noon (ET/PT) and encore episodes on Nicktoons on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) Until then, here’s a preview. 

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