Destination Wedding To-Do List: 8 Months Before

You’ve locked in your wedding venue of choice, committed to sticking to your budget (you can do it!), and hemmed and hawed over that tricky guest list until it was just right – congrats! You’ve got your momentum going and have tackled some of the biggest destination wedding question marks. Next up on your schedule . . . so much more. But, peeling back one layer of to-dos at a time, and not getting ahead of yourself, will ensure it all gets done in a calm and competent manner. And, if you’re a Type-A-er like me, you’ll be flooded with bliss every time you get to check a box – so, isn’t it great there are so many boxes?!

Let’s get started:

1. Make Your Online Registry.

You’re going to be doing a whole lot of organizing to make sure all your guests have an easy and enjoyable time while attending your destination wedding, so girl, you deserve gifts. And, it’s tradition – so yay!

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