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5 Fun Mind Games

photo-1420745981456-b95fe23f5753I play mind games with my Hypnotherapy clients- but they’re willing players. Often, the best way to melt away the mental (and physical and spiritual) gunk is to have some fun with the barrage of thoughts, emotions, and sensations wrecking havoc in the whole-being.

Here’s how we play:

  1. We play nice. We stop labeling all the negativity as bad and just notice it. When we remove the resistance and name-calling of our inner darkness, it loses its power and may even dissolve into unexpected light.
  2. We make believe. If we don’t like the movie we’re living in we create a new one. This movie can be fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, comedy, a poignant drama- or maybe all of that mixed together. The movie is whatever we want. We close our eyes and play it on repeat in our mind until we believe.
  3. We take our time. If we stumble into a (real or imagined) place, person, or situation that makes us feel wonderful (and is safe) we stay there for awhile and relish in the positivity without worrying about needing to tend to others. Many of us spend most of our time worrying about other people- taking a few (or many) moments to focus solely on our own needs will make our giving so much richer.
  4. We don’t have any rules. The possibilities are endless in the space of mind games. We go where we want, explore as deeply as we want, talk how we want, move how we want, cry if we want, and generally do whatever feels right
  5. We don’t care if we win. These games are all about the cliche, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” We’re not trying to reach a finish line, we’re savoring the exploration of our unique paths and creating space for positive expansion along the way.

Hey friend, go play!

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