7 Creative Games for Screentime

IMG_6252I rely on screentime to make an income. I’m a (trying to) work at home mom — if I don’t throw some Netflix into my son’s day my bank account would be crying. (Work calls coupled with the background of a small child yelling that they have poop on their hand don’t go well.)

Because I’m not immune to the mom-guilt everyone keeps telling me is pointless, I made up “learning games” to go with the shows my son watches, to slough away a bit of the guilt. And some of them are so fun I shirk work to watch a show with him.

Most of my screentime remorse came from the zombie-fying effect of a television. My lively tot used to turn into a hunched-over glassy-eyed statue whenever a screen was glowing. He now becomes animated, gathering his toys and art supplies as he preps for a show or movie.

And I grab my camera phone (can I call my iPhone a camera phone?) to take delicious videos of my son mimicking Big Bird.

Read more on Huff Post!

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