2 thoughts on “6 Ways Motherhood Has Killed My Modesty”

  1. I just posted this on my Facebook page, and I wanted to share it with you… You made my morning with this article, it is hilariously funny. 😉 I posted the following: :::::If you ladies (and men who need a laugh) haven’t read this blog, you should… It’s hilarious! 😉 You women will likely see yourselves in it, if you have kids. Also, here is a link to yet another brilliantly funny page regarding motherhood: http://www.scarymommy.com/category/scary-mommy-society/ There, now you have something to laugh at this weekend. 😉 (We men can’t relate, but we can empathize since we have to share the same bed with you after you’ve dealt with the kid-related kid things that you dealt with that day that we avoided by being busy doing other things.) Sadly, I missed the child-rearing experience, for several (medical) reasons involving my ex wife and/or me. Despite my valiant efforts at procreating, and her efforts at charting her body temperature so we could have sex at “just the right moment” to make a baby, alas, none were formed. Which was, in retrospect, one of the BEST THINGS SHE EVER DIDN’T DO. 😉 lol Anyway, read this article if you need a laugh. 😉 Bill​

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