Destination Wedding To-Do List (6 Months Before)

You’ve reached the halfway point and it’s getting real. The next six months will dissolve quicker than a bride’s mascara as she’s listening to a poignant speech. But, the good news is many of the six-month to-do items include goodies like shopping and planning the ultimate vacay, so say a yay!


Because you’re likely a work before play kind of gal, let’s check off the more tedious items first, then dive into the fun stuff. (And ICYMI, here are the 12-month and 8-month checklists for your destination wedding!)

1. Look Into Travel Requirements

There might be quite a few travel-hoops to jump through before reaching your wedding destination, especially if your wedding will be in a different country. Research whether things like visas or certain vaccinations will need to be obtained before entering the country, and ensure your passport is up-to-date.

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7 Reasons a Destination Wedding Might Be For You

The question has been asked, the ring is on the finger, you’re high with excitement, and then pop – you think about hosting the wedding in your hometown and your bubble is burst. For some, the idea of having a wedding surrounded by hundreds of their friends and family members, while immersed in a familiar environment, sounds like a dream, but if you’re someone who contracts into a stress ball at the thought, check out the following list to see if you’re a good candidate for a destination wedding.

1. You’re a Workaholic

If you’re a constant “doer” it can be tricky to be amongst the physical to-dos of your hometown without knowing how to sign off to enjoy your wedding. I’m such a habitual “get stuff done-er” I was emailing while in labor with my son. So yeah, a destination wedding was a must for me. Getting out of Dodge, or Phoenix, or New York, or wherever you hang your hat, can be the exact prescription you need to fully immerse yourself in the romantic, let your hair down, in the moment, goodness of your wedding time.

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