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5 Of The Craziest Birth Stories You’ll Ever Read

Childbirth is about as predictable as a cranky toddler with a full glass of juice — it can get messy. When the new-human-delivery process is allowed to naturally unfold, it rarely fits into a sterilized box. Nope, it often spills out, splashes onto your favorite shoes, and demands you step into your ability to roll with it — even if “it” laughs in the face of your birth plan.

I recently attended a gathering for maternal health care workers and many of their clients, where I heard hundreds of birth stories — some of them, completely insane. I received permission to share a handful of the most intense stories (some women wishing to remain anonymous), in the hopes that you can take comfort in knowing that even if your birth goes sideways, rolls down a hill, and falls into a murky pond — you can handle it, and will come out of it a stronger (totally badass!) mom.

Here’s a glimpse of the stories from five women I find far superior to any superhero …

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Kudos to The Birth Hour

image.jpgI’m addicted.

Stuck on you.

In love.

In awe.

Give me more.

I’m talking to you The Birth Hour. A podcast featuring badass women sharing their awe-inspiring birth stories. Created by mama-writer-creator extraordinaire, Bryn Huntpalmer, this series of audible goodness has made me relish traffic because I can soak in these fascinating tales of natural birth, medicated birth, c-sections, home birth, acrobatic birth (just kidding), water birth, and beyond.

Bryn created an open forum for women to verbally flow through their raw, often humorous, and deeply emotional stories, helping to connect the sisterhood of mothers and remind us that we are not alone in our fears, triumphs, (and embarrassing moments!)

The title of each episode provides a description of the type of birth you will hear about in the episode.

If you’re pregnant, I recommend seeking out the episodes that describe the type of birth you want to have, envisioning yourself absorbing the positive aspects of that story, making it your own.

If you’re trying to heal hurts from a past childbirth experience, listen to the episodes that are similar to the birth you had, connecting you to these women and possibly hearing strategies for how they moved through any attached physical or emotional challenges.

And if you’re just a women interested in the magnificence of birth (and interested in being entertained!) you’ll love this podcast.

Check-idy check it out.