New Baby… Er… Travel Project

Hi friends!

I’m checking in because I love to travel, like so much so that my bank account shrivels in fears when I get a case of wanderlust. This bug is often cured by the travel writing I’ve had the privilege to do over the past five years for various publications. But I wanted more autonomy – more creative wiggle room. So I spent a year crafting my own family travel site and I’ve FINALLY birthed it. It lives here –

It’s still a baby and needs love to grow… So… if you’re also a travellover I humbly ask that you check out the site and follow along on your preferred brands of social media, if you resonate with what you find 😊

AND, when you’re on the site, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and snag your free copy of the super comprehensive “Ultimate Guide to Planning a Life-Changing Family Adventure.”

I’m really grateful that I’m connected with you and thank you for getting to the end of this long post!

Lots and lots of love,

P.S. Just ignore the annoying amount of hashtags I’m about to add.

#TravelBlogger #familytravels #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger#familytraveltribe #familytraveltips #travelfamily #familytravelbloggers #familytraveller #familytraveling #familytrips#familyvacations

In case you missed it above!

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