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Change Your Life With the Power of Death- Course Review

“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent.” Gabriel Dee’s Daily Om course, Change Your Life With the Power of Death opens with this powerful quote from Steve Jobs then goes on to lighten all your fears by supporting you in releasing the ultimate fear- the fear of death.

Death is a topic rooted deep in my mind that I never let out to play- my breathing becomes shallow, my thoughts darken and my hope falters when I ruminate on the idea of death, or allow myself to re-feel the emotions attached to a loved one passing away. This course flipped my script of death- shining light on how it can be used to enhance life, versus elicit fear and avoidance.

As Gabriel writes in the course, “If you are a spiritual seeker, I highly advise you to follow these teachers on the road to death. Because the road to death eventually leads to enlightenment. The path of darkness leads to light.” How lovely does that sound? To gain the ability to see the light in the darkness of death, to even pull a potent form of love, hope and joy from the acceptance of it?

This course doesn’t paint a picture that “someday you will be gone and that’s it- deal with it”- it offers the possibility that by accepting and honoring the knowing that one day your body will die you step into your immortality. You step beyond the physical aspects of death to explore what it means on a spiritual level, and what it can mean for your current life- how it can inform your thoughts and actions for the better.

In addition, this course offers valuable lessons for parents hoping to raise a unique individual, while facing the barrier of unconsciously conditioning the child to become a copy of themselves. (Guilty!) The course doesn’t admonish this behavior, but supports us in examining this phenomenon and creating space to make different decisions in how we raise our children. It also provides a powerful lesson in how to begin raising the unique child within us all who was affected by our parent’s desires to mold us into a version of themselves.

This course will serve to liberate you from the restrictions you currently have between your current self, and your best self by helping you find peace with the idea of death. As Gabriel writes in the course, “It kills fear because it faces you with the source of all fears, the fear of death. It kills procrastination because it takes away the illusion of time. And finally, it kills your mind because it helps you find who you really are beyond your ideas.”

If you choose to explore this course, you’ll dive deep into the following teachings over the course of eight lessons and

How to develop lasting motivation effortlessly without willpower.

How to prioritize between important and meaningless activities.

How to live an authentic and meaningful life instead of just surviving.

How to eradicate all of your fears and find courage.

How to find your true purpose and start creating it.

How to stop procrastination and develop a sense of urgency

How to really achieve your dreams and live up to your potential?

How to make sure that you really live, love and matter.

If you want the motivation to step into your full power to change your world, take this course.

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