Mom’s Moment: Five Principles for a Blissful Childbirth

Tid bits I shared for an article on “blissful childbirth.”

1. Relaxation

The tension–or relaxation–in your facial muscles have a direct correlation to your pelvic region. Throughout labor, periodically place your awareness on softening the muscles in your face and allowing your lower jaw to droop down- this will cause your pelvic region to gently relax and open. If you need extra inspiration, ask your partner for a juicy kiss.

2. Breathing

Your breath is the surest path to serenity and pain relief (for both you and baby) throughout childbirth. With each contraction, focus on slowly and fully inflating your abdomen with oxygen and exhaling to the same slow and full count. In between contractions, practice intentional and gentle breathing.

Read you some more right here 🙂

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