7 Crafts That Won’t Give You Glitter Nightmares

I’m haunted by memories of art projects gone awry. Glue soaked hair, glitter ingrained carpet, paint splattered new pants, and tiny shreds of colorful paper … so much paper.

That’s why preschools exist isn’t it? So the teachers with Prozac-infused coffee can deal with the mess. Can you imagine 20 toddlers doing crafts? The horror!

Because I don’t want to win “World’s Most Boring Mom” for the second year in a row, I was compelled to find sanity-friendly art projects, ensuring my child has a cup or two of creative juices each day. Preferably juice that doesn’t end up spilled all over the living room couch.

These are my top seven sticky, shiny, tiny-free crafts for kids:

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