Online Childbirth Course!


After many months of love, sweat, tears, and wisdom (from many badass women), the Feng Shui Mommy Online Course is up and running!

A holistic guide to staying balanced before, during, and after childbirth.

Utilize these 13 streaming videos, checklist downloads, relaxation recording downloads, and unlimited email support from the instructor, to harmonize your Mind, Body, and Spirit connection- leading you to a blissful pregnancy, orgasmic birth, and soul-soothing first steps into motherhood.

If you know any ladies who say YES! to any of these questions (or you are one) send them on over to the course site.

  • Would you like to create your optimal journey into motherhood?

  • Would you like to replace your fears with empowerment?

  • Would you like to be your best new self, living in your best new life, with your happy and healthy baby?

This course is like my second baby, so I hope you think she’s pretty 🙂



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