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Playing Music For My Son In the Womb Made Us Closer

IMG_2634Music allowed me to hear the voice of my unborn baby.

During my pregnancy, I set the intention that my baby would offer me insights and answers via movement when we listened to music. I believed it was his opportunity to show me a glimpse into his soul.

Music also supported me in understanding and expressing (via my own movement) all the emotions I couldn’t actually verbalize to my baby (or to myself, sometimes). Each note sparked a new idea, question, or simple moment of appreciation for the being developing in my womb.

I would play reggae music as he moved back and forth across my mid-section. Some days I would try out 90’s hip-hop (I swear he would tap his foot to the rhythm). Classical music (the ultimate baby music cliché) just put him to sleep, no complaints.

His favorite music ended up being anything that made me dance. If I was shaking my bloated pregnancy booty it was (and still is) a good day for him; he’s down to shake along with me.

Oh, and we also listened to audio books. I had to drive a painful amount of time for work (four hours, three times a week). He slept through those audio books: Miranda’s dilemma about whether her Latin lover was actually murdering middle-aged art dealers in downtown Los Angeles really didn’t interest him.

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My Fast Food Addiction Almost Ruined My Life

I gave up fast food because it was killing my spirit, and probably my body too.

Fast food used to be my crutch. Each time I’d receive disappointing news, get into the headspace of not being “good enough,” feel fat (ironic much?), or have a hangover, I would buy fast food. It was so easy.

When I was younger, I had become idle in pursuing my passions, I was addicted to harmful romantic relationships, and completely detached from my body. I used to have a ritual of starting each Sunday like this: Brunch with my girlfriends, which would turn into mimosas on the beach, followed by a movie, so we could take a nap.

On my route home, feeling tired, hungry, and sad, I would pass a McDonald’s, a Taco Bell and a Wendy’s, side by side. For a while my pattern was to go to Taco Bell and order a few different options. If I was in the mood for sugar I would also stop at McDonalds or Wendy’s for a shake.

I would then drive home and eat all the stuff, half of it in the car.

I ended each week laying in bed hating myself.

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Movie Review- Sisters


I’ve had a mega girl crush on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler since, um, forever. So, I swooned when I saw the trailer for Sisters.

“Tina and Amy?! Amy and Tina?! Together again?! AND sisters?! Too much. Too perfect.”

While I would have preferred this to just be a real-life film depicting them sitting in a room talking about their journey together (a documentary?) this film actually had a plot.

Tina and Amy (Kate and Maura) find out their parent’s home is being put on the market and they are summoned to their childhood home in Florida to clean out their old rooms. While there, they decide to throw one final epic bash to commemorate the fun they had in the house. Throughout the process chaos ensues (they say that in movie summaries a lot right?) and both do a deep (maybe just deep-ish) dive into their selves, learning all the fun movie-epiphanies that come with that.

Mood: Light, fun, silly and shocking. Tina and Amy stay true to their style of comedy by throwing unexpected zingers that take it to the edge, then push the audience over it. If you’re a fan of the SNL “I have no freakin’ idea what to expect” vibe, you’ll be into this. There will be tears- but not the nostalgic brand.

Food: Classic movie food y’all. Butter and sodium up your popcorn, buy the big bags of candy in the candy aisle at the grocery store (not the one-offs you buy at check-out), and for good measure cook up a stuffed crusted pizza (with Ranch dipping sauce?! Kate and Maura would do it.)

Drink: A big jug of water because you need to stay hydrated after all that salt and sugar, OK? And maybe grab a six-er (or twelve-er?) of the beer you drank in high school.

Company: Your girl frands! (Or boy frands.) Pretty much anyone with a good sense of humor that will laugh even if they don’t fully get the joke. No negative Nellies, or Nelsons, or Neds, or… You know who I’m talking about.

P.S. I thought my dad was a negative Ned, but I watched this movie with him anyways and he laughed! A lot! Mind (and preconceived notions about my father) blown.

Thanks ladies.

Yays!: The queens of comedy playing sisters in a comedic film sprinkled with some SNL favorites? Gold. There’s also a pool incident, lots of color, overzealous soap, and John Cena as a thorough drug dealer.

Nays: Some of the jokes were lost on me, but I would still laugh- usually louder than I would laugh at the jokes that fully sank in. Oh, and I peed a little during one of the jokes. What? I’ve gone through childbirth. TMI?

You can rent this gem on Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play and likely plenty of other movie slangin’ e-joints.

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How to Release Emotional Attachment to Stuff- Online Course

Hey friends!

My latest online course for  Daily OM launched yesterday! Yee haw!

Here’s a peek into what it’s all about. 

This is an 8 week on-line course available from Bailey Gaddis. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll. 

Would you like your home to be organized, serene and inviting? Do you yearn for a simple and lasting method of organization? How would you feel if your inner environment mirrored your peaceful outer environment?

Many of us can muster the willpower to spend a weekend organizing our home, but what often happens is we quickly slip back into old habits, and the evidence of our hard work dissipates. When we learn how to make the process of creating and maintaining an organized home and life second nature, the weight of the struggle is lifted, and lasting change is established.

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, the state of your external environment has a profound effect on your internal environment, and vice versa. To create a positive exchange of energy between your inner and outer worlds we must work with them in unison to achieve harmony. Consciously bridging these two worlds will ease the practice of releasing unneeded items, dissolving negative shopping and organizing habits, and discovering the specific methods of organization that work best for your unique needs.

This course will take you the through the gentle process of tuning into this connection and harnessing its power to create a home you love spending time in, because it nourishes you- mind, body and spirit.

Over an eight-week period this course will take you through the following journey, utilizing text and 5 minute guided meditations:


* How to examine your emotional relationship to physical belongings.

* Explore what really makes you happy- and how to get more of it.

* Tap into the energy of your home, and learn how to harmonize it with the energy within you.

* How to work through the four stages of organizing- Sort, Purge, Organize, and Maintain

* Learn to integrate your new self with your new home, through blessings.

* How to continuously find center within your self and home, while moving through the eternal flux of life.

* Figure out how to motivate your housemates to join in the transformations!

You can dive into it for as little as $10! Woot woot!

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I Was The First To Get Pregnant

IMG_1187Be wary of a friend who uses your pregnancy as a soapbox for self-righteousness.

When I became pregnant in my mid-20s, it became the source of invasive gossip amongst my group of childless friends.

Many of my friends didn’t get it.

“A pregnancy? That you don’t want to end? But what about alcohol? You can’t drink alcohol when you’re pregnant, did you know that? And isn’t there a baby at the end of a pregnancy? Who will change the diapers?”

My pregnancy was unplanned, but still welcome. I was on birth control and my partner was just beginning graduate school. But the stars (or sperm and egg) still aligned. I immediately knew the pregnancy felt right, even though most people were telling me it was wrong.

My partner needed time to reconcile with the fact that he was going to be a dad and when many of our acquaintances heard this, they latched on.

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Michelle Obama Reveals Her Family Used to Eat Takeout Every Night

IMG_7647Did you know that the First Family used to eat takeout every night?

They were just like us, a busy family with 48 hours worth of to-dos to accomplish in 24 hours, children that needed to be fed, and a preference for couch sitting versus taking walks at the end of a long day — oh, and no private chef.

I received this used-to-eat-a-ton-of-takeout tidbit when I went to the White House for a Let’s Move event hosted by Michelle Obama. Let’s Move is an initiative Michelle started in 2010 to end childhood obesity by introducing healthier foods into schools, incorporating exercise into lesson plans, and supporting families in continuing these healthy habits at home.

The idea was birthed when Michelle took her daughters to their family physician (before they lived in the big White House) and was told they needed to make some changes to their diet.

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