What They Don’t Tell You About Rainbow Babies

IMG_6212She walked into my office and started crying. We had never met or spoken in person, but my first act was to grab a tissue and give her a hug. I didn’t know why she was crying — she was 25 weeks pregnant so I thought, “Pregnancy hormones?”

As I backed out of the hug, I saw her gaze fixed on something behind me: a rainbow scarf I had draped on the couch in my office.

“I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby,” she whispered. “And I feel so guilty.”

I’ll call her Allison; she was my new HypnoBirthing client.

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I Had a Baby—and Moved In With My Parents

Nothing makes you want your mommy like getting pregnant.

My first thought after peeing on that sacred stick was, “Oh shoot, where are we going to live?”

My husband, Eric, and I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment that barely had enough space for his t-shirt collection.

Mom and dad lived thirty minutes away on an acre-and-a-half, in a house “much too large for them” that just so happened to have a semi-converted garage apartment. And my dad owns a construction company.

As my brother was about to go off to college, my parents were feeling the ache of their impending empty nest.

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My Husband Tried My Beauty Routine for a Week

IMG_6306My husband rolled his eyes when I suggested he give my beauty routine a try — he thought I was kidding. I kept staring at him and he laughed at me. I continued staring at him and he agreed. Witchy woman powers y’all … I also told him I would pay him to do it.

He believes my beauty routine consists of magic potions, and he’s right. I mix different types of oils with just about everything, even my toothpaste. I also utilize a yummy array of essential oils to complement the power of coffee (and lack of sleeping pills I wish I could use).

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Secrets of a Blissful Birth

Body_final copy

Giving birth is beautiful. The result of your nine-month journey has come down to this: Getting to meet your child, and being gifted life’s greatest present: motherhood.

With that being said, birthing a baby can be stressful to your mind and body. However, there are practices you can learn to better improve your mental state and overcome your birthing fears, both physically and emotionally.

Here are the five principles for blissful childbirth—all easy-to-embrace tactics that will maximize your birthing experience.

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