Connecting Through Disconnecting in the Great Outdoors

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Collectively, much of humanity has developed a habit of dissolving into the vortex of technology; we log in to invisible connections and tune out physical surroundings. While technological capacities at our disposal can be fabulous when harmonized with the act of turning it all off, it’s the reconnection with nature and joy in time spent with family that matter.

Camping- a wonderful opportunity to forfeit cell service, leave power outlets behind, and go roll in the dirt with our kids.

Since it can be difficult to remember what the heck we did before screens, I wracked my memory and gathered a list of battery-free, family-fun activities to accompany an overnight stay in the woods. (It helps that I’m writing this while camping, with an ole’ fashion pen and pad of paper, alongside my toddler who is making dust angels.)

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See The Most Important Lesson My Son Taught Me Today

As I sat on the floor of our porch, watching my silent tears plop onto the dry concrete, I felt ashamed. I’m an adult – shouldn’t I be crying somewhere more appropriate, like a chair? And why was I wallowing? Shouldn’t I be doing something useful, like sending flowers to the immediate family of my deceased relative?

As my “grown up” brain pecked away at me, my two-year-old walked up, wiped the tears off my face with sweet pudgy little hands and wrapped his arms around my neck. He then proceeded to pat my back and hold me- not saying anything.

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