7 Crafts That Won’t Give You Glitter Nightmares

I’m haunted by memories of art projects gone awry. Glue soaked hair, glitter ingrained carpet, paint splattered new pants, and tiny shreds of colorful paper … so much paper.

That’s why preschools exist isn’t it? So the teachers with Prozac-infused coffee can deal with the mess. Can you imagine 20 toddlers doing crafts? The horror!

Because I don’t want to win “World’s Most Boring Mom” for the second year in a row, I was compelled to find sanity-friendly art projects, ensuring my child has a cup or two of creative juices each day. Preferably juice that doesn’t end up spilled all over the living room couch.

These are my top seven sticky, shiny, tiny-free crafts for kids:

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10 signs you’re a modern-day hippie mom

I live in the state of California, which makes me ‘kind of hippie’– at least according to the rest of world. I live in the town of Ojai, which makes me ‘really hippie’- at least according to the rest of California.

silhouette-338442I found the following definition of the term ‘hippie’- a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.

Okay, well I do have long hair, I have a few pairs of earrings with some beads on them, I reject the conventional value of only eating dessert after dinner, but, my wildest form of drug is the coffee I sip every morning, and sometimes every afternoon.

The word hippie is just a word, and it has a slightly different meaning for everyone.

These are my personal telltale signs of a modern day “hippie” mom (what are yours’?)

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15 Jobs That Are Perfect For Moms

Once we’ve grown a human in our womb, gone through the adoption process, or struggled through surrogacy, we’re qualified for anything life can throw at us. At some point in our mothering career, we may get the urge to seek out a side job that pays in cold hard cash or through a direct deposit into our bank account.

Although I’m certain we would be stellar at being anything from astronauts to Olympic divers, I compiled a list of jobs that directly correlate with moms’ current skills.

1. Lifeguard at a Water Park: You obsess over the safety of others and blow a whistle every 30 seconds when they don’t obey the rules – and people actually listen. Respect the whistle.

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10% of Each Course Sale Now Donated to #EveryMotherCounts


Hear ye hear ye!

10% of each sale of the online childbirth course is now being donated to the non-profit organization Every Mother Counts– dedicated to lowering global rates of infant and maternal mortality by making pregnancy and childbirth safer for every mother.