Online Childbirth Course!


After many months of love, sweat, tears, and wisdom (from many badass women), the Feng Shui Mommy Online Course is up and running!

A holistic guide to staying balanced before, during, and after childbirth.

Utilize these 13 streaming videos, checklist downloads, relaxation recording downloads, and unlimited email support from the instructor, to harmonize your Mind, Body, and Spirit connection- leading you to a blissful pregnancy, orgasmic birth, and soul-soothing first steps into motherhood.

If you know any ladies who say YES! to any of these questions (or you are one) send them on over to the course site.

  • Would you like to create your optimal journey into motherhood?

  • Would you like to replace your fears with empowerment?

  • Would you like to be your best new self, living in your best new life, with your happy and healthy baby?

This course is like my second baby, so I hope you think she’s pretty 🙂




10 Traits of a Rad Dad


Some troubling news has come to my attention recently — that dads occasionally feel a bit left out, a tad on the outside, a little unappreciated.

As a mother, I confess that sometimes I secretly wish to be “left on the outside” so I can go get a massage without anyone hassling me. But who am I kidding, the feeling of being worshipped by tiny people makes me feel pretty good.

So let’s dish out some of that worship to the deserving dudes too. Many a dad out there works his keister off to contribute, and earn a few brownie points (ideally in the form of some actual brownies.)

Below are 10 (of the many) traits I believe a rad dad possesses, and I would like to make a call to action that we throw a few more bones (or brownies!) their way, when we see dads, partners, or papas exhibiting said awesomeness:

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Self Love

How to Be Perfectly Imperfect


I used to wake from a dead sleep, crawl out of bed and slog into my closet to ensure my shoes were properly lined up.

I once declined joining my family for a beach day because I “needed” to clean the stove.

In fifth grade, I cried when I received a B in math.

The fruitless pursuit of perfection used to devour my joy. My tunnel vision only allowed me to view the imperfect minute details that needed tweaking, while real life lived outside that tunnel.

I experienced blips of relief when everything was “in its place,” but these moments were fleeting and were quickly wiped away by a new email flush with to-dos, a small human walking into my home and living life, or the general passage of time.

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Mom Humor

Directions to Motherhood

The journey to motherhood is flush with quicksand, stool softeners, thorns in the sciatic nerve, secret all-you-can-eat-buffets, justified temper-tantrums, loose gravel, flash in the pan “Must Have!” child-soothing gizmos and ill-timed gas.

This road is worth traveling. When we first become parents, we pick up a chubby ball of yummy-smelling deliciousness, but somehow, many of us get lost along the way.

We need directions, and not to prevent stumbles, potholes and occasional avalanches of ice cream; we need them to remind us the bizarre paths we wander down are well-trodden and flanked with supportive been-there, tripped-over-that mommas.

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