The Birth Battle: Why My Birth Was Better Than Yours

There is a vicious, silent battle raging in the birthing world. Many feel that their way is the way, and those that do not subscribe are lost souls that need to be shown the light. The judgments that result from this birth battle often throw birthing women into shame, defense mode, or depression.

Instead of feeling like a badass for birthing a human, many women feel like traitors for not making the same decisions the women in their Mommy and Me class peddle.

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Choose Happiness

When my bud of happiness attempts to bloom I’ve become conditioned to whither it with thoughts of why I’m not allowed happiness in that moment. I’ve become a master at conjuring negative thoughts that serve to diminish, or even eliminate, that beautiful flower of joy.

Why must I whither the bud, the bloom, and the flower? What would happen if I passed through the negativity and found myself in the still state of allowance? What if I simply choose to allow happiness?

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If Toddlers Were in Charge of Reality TV Programming

Spring is in the air, which means over here at Toddler-TV, we’re gearing up for a new season of drool, drama, tantrums, and giggles.

Tune in to find out which tots spill-all, who refuses to share, and which diva-in-the-making pinched their sister when mom wasn’t looking. This season is full of so many “Oh no she didn’t” moments, you won’t want to miss a beat!

Disclaimer: Toddler-TV is not responsible for any nudity or bodily fluids displayed on our live shows. Toddlers are unpredictable, and diapers easily removed.

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